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Piston Air Compressor

We specialize in manufacturing high quality piston air compressors to meet the different needs of various industries. The design of our piston air compressors is compact and the dimension is accurate. Our industrial piston compressors can be provided with various options, like size and design, so that we can satisfy the specific demands of different clients.

Features of Air-cooled Piston Air Compressor

1. Safe and reliable
The piston air compressors can run continuously, their wearing parts can work for 8,000 hours.
2. Stable and high-efficient
This type of air compressor is equipped with double-acting cylinder, its energy saving and with low vibration.
3. Low discharge temperature
Our piston air compressor is equipped with reasonable designed pressures in each stage, so the discharge temperature is lower.
4. Complete control system
Remote control system is available and also direct technical support is provided.
5. Low running cost
Our piston medium, high pressure air compressors are characterized by high reliability, long service cycle, low oil consumption and low power consumption. So that the running cost is greatly reduced

As a specialized manufacturer of piston air compressors, we can provide you all types of air compressors including portable air compressors, screw air compressors, centrifugal air compressors and other products. They have obtained CE and TUV certifications. Till now, they have been exported to more than 120 countries and regions including America, Canada, Russia, Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Brazil, India, South Korea, Japan, and Saudi Arabia. If you need this kind of air compression machines, please contact with us!

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