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Air Dryer

  • Refrigerant Air Dryer Our refrigerant air dryer is designed based on advanced production technology from American XINRAN, and meanwhile, we have also made some improvement. Hence, our refrigerant air dryers work efficiently and stably...
  • Heatless Desiccant Air DryerThis heatless desiccant air dryer is completely designed by our company based on America HANKISON and Germany ZANDER regenerative desiccant air dryers.
    1. With stable and consistent outlet pressure and dew point...
  • Heated Desiccant Air DryerOur heated desiccant air dryer have avoided the disadvantage of short switching time of heatless desiccant air dryers and have overcome the large power consumption of conventional heated desiccant air dryers. Hence, our air dryers are the most economical and energy-efficient ones in the field of purification industry...

Air Dryer

Air dryers have found applications in a comprehensive range of industrial and commercial facilities. A compressed air dryer functions to remove water vapor from compressed air.

Due to the different dew point between compressed air and free atmosphere air, there is usually water or vapor in compressed air. Excessive water in compressed air may cause lots of operational problems, like corrosion of equipment and fouling of products, etc.

In order to avoid unnecessary operational problems for compressed air users, air dryers should be used. There are different types of air dryers on the market, including regenerative desiccant dryers, membrane dryers, deliquescent dryers and refrigerated dryers. These air dryers are capable of drying the excessive water, in either liquid or vapor phase, in the compressed air.

1. Air dryers can be used for commercial and industrial processes that need dry air. For instance, they can be used in telecomm industry to pressurize the underground cables, thus removing moisture and avoiding short circuits. Additionally, air dryers can also be used for painting, pneumatic tools, and pneumatic control systems as well as feeding air for oxygen and nitrogen generators.
2. Air dryers can also be used in air brake systems of trucks and trains.

Xinran is a qualified China-based air dryer manufacturer. Our company is committed to offering relaibale quality products and thoughtful services to our customers worldwide. You can feel secure to purchase our air dryer, wehther it is refrigerant air dryer, heatless desiccant air dryer, or heated desiccant air dryer.

Moreover, we are located in Shanghai where there are convenient transportations by sea, land and air. This greatly reduces our raw material transportation cost and the international freight charge of our customers as well.

We welcome our customers worldwide to purchase our products.

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