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Air Receiver

Air Receiver

Air receiver, also known as pressure vessel, is mainly used to store all kinds of compressed, liquified gases (such as ammonia, chlorine, propane, butane and LPG) for special purposes. As a result of the differential pressure inside and outside the vessel, any improper operation of air receiver can cause fatal consequences. Therefore, strict inspections and regulations have been implemented in designing, manufacturing and operation the air receivers by engineering authorities, on the basis of laws. Basically, the air receivers are designed into a closed container and made of stainless steel, carbon stainless steel and alloy stainless materials, and they commonly share the technical parameter of maximum safe operating pressure and temperature.

Air receivers are suitable for a wide range of industries. For example, the petrochemical factories, oil refineries, mining, space engineering, war industries and transportation system and medical system and so on. The most commonly seen air receivers include diving cylinders, distillation towers, and many other sorts of portable air receivers, etc.

We are a major manufacturer of air receivers based in China. The company has been awarded the ISO9001:2008 certificate. Our air receivers, screw air compressors, piston air compressors and centrifugal air compressors and so forth, are produced with advanced technology, designed by experienced designers, and inspected with strict quality assurance system. So our products are of reliable quality, and they are certificated with CE and TUV as well.
At present, our products have been successfully landed on the markets of over 120 countries and regions, including the market of USA, Canada, Russia, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Japan, etc.

We welcome you to visit our company and expect to cooperate with all our customers, all over the world.

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