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Membrane Nitrogen Generators

Membrane Nitrogen Generators

The core of membrane separation is the physical process of gas separation based on the different diffusivity of different components in the air in the membrane fiber wall (polymer material). Polymer material is made into the thickness of the hollow fiber membrane as a human hair silk, the gas inside the hollow fibre membrane by the different components of the gas in the fibre wall seepage velocity is different, lead to different osmotic quantity, through a certain length of fiber membrane selective permeability, at the end of the film fiber get need purity nitrogen (90 ~ 99.99%), membrane fiber wall osmosis oxygen-enriched gas emissions and the concentration of oxygen enrichment can reach about 40%

Xinran provide large-scale membrane separation nitrogen production equipment mainly for oil, chemical, petrochemical, steel, aerospace and other industries need the use of large flow rate of nitrogen demand, according to the actual needs of various customer (different flow rate, nitrogen purity, nitrogen pressure, the nitrogen pressure dew point, etc.), using the XINRAN membrane separation technology and decades of complete sets of experience, for customers to provide professional customized equipment.

Nitrogen flow rate: 1~6000 Nm/h
Purity of nitrogen: 90~99.99%
Nitrogen pressure: 0.5~3MPa (up to 50MPa after supercharger)                                   

• The separation efficiency is high, saving 10-15% of raw air (i.e., saving 10-15% of energy consumption).
• Nitrogen purity adjustable: 90~99.99%
• Strong adaptability to ambient temperature: -35℃~50℃
• Low noise to meet environmental requirements
• No moving parts, less equipment maintenance
• High reliability in continuous operation and long service life of the equipment, up to more than 15 years
• Capacity increase is simple. It only needs to increase the membrane parts in parallel and the compressed air amount of raw materials
• Compared with PSA nitrogen production, it does not require large air and nitrogen buffer tanks, which is small in size and light in weight, making it the best choice for mobile nitrogen production equipment
• Nitrogen products have low dew point, up to -60℃
• Nitrogen products are clean with low dust and particle pollution
• It is convenient and quick to open and shut down, easy to operate, and can produce qualified nitrogen in a short time

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