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Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) Nitrogen Generator

Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) Nitrogen Generator

Xinran of PSA nitrogen production is carbon molecular sieve, which is a porous carbon based material. In the process of PSA (about 1 minute), it is easier to cause damage to molecular sieve due to pressure and decompression. Therefore, how to prevent molecular sieve from silting is the core technology of PSA nitrogen production. At the same time, there are particles, oil and water in the compressed air, they cause damage to the molecular sieve, but also make the molecular sieve soften and then powder, poisoning (oil intake), so that the flow of equipment, purity decline, to the safety production brings huge hidden trouble.

PSA nitrogen production is a kind of normal temperature air separation technology. Compared with the traditional cryogenic air separation, it has the characteristics of simple process flow, easy equipment manufacturing and installation, wide adaptability, high degree of automation, simple operation, low investment and low operating cost. Therefore, psa nitrogen production can be widely used in large-scale oil refining, chemical, oil and gas, metal, Marine, electronic, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Nitrogen flow rate: 10-10000nm /h (customized according to user requirements)
Purity of nitrogen: 95~99.999%
Nitrogen pressure: 5~10bar
Control mode: the equipment is controlled by PLC in place, and the main control room is controlled by means of communication
Applicable environment: 2℃~40℃
Installation conditions: indoor, frost - proof, bearing concrete floor, good ventilation
Device form: Large customized PSA nitrogen production equipment is generally skid mounted type, under special circumstances, can be designed as a container type

• A number of xinran anti-pulverization utility model patented technologies;
Inventor and promoter of PSA;
• Special process design for preventing molecular sieve from silting;
• Select the brand molecular sieve with superior performance tested in practice;
• Excellent air compression and purification system.

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