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Industrial Vacuum Pump

Industrial  Vacuum Pump

Xinan oil-free screw vacuum pump is mainly composed of screw rotor, shell, gear, cooling cycle and seals. The driving shaft is connected with the active rotor, and the rotor rotates in opposite direction through the high-precision synchronous gear. The purpose of air extraction is achieved through three processes of gas inhalation, compression and exhaust. The screw vacuum pump developed, designed and manufactured by our company has its unique profile design, which directly determines the pump's excellent technical performance indexes such as ultimate vacuum, suction rate, volume efficiency, vibration and noise, etc. Because of this, it shows extremely high stability in various environmental processes.

1. Simple and compact structure: screw, pump body, end cover, seals and other components with opposite rotation.
2. Dry operation, without any working medium, so no oil pollution, no sewage discharge, significant effect of energy conservation and emission reduction.
3. No friction in the original suction chamber: there is a certain gap between the screw and the pump body.
4. High vacuum: A single screw vacuum pump can replace the three-stage Roots pump water ring vacuum unit.
5. Low noise: about 80 decibels under normal circumstances.
6. Suitable for pumping condensable gases (e.g. water vapour).
7. Pumping from the atmosphere to the limit pressure of 5Pa can be solved with only one pump.
8. Dry operation makes it easier to recover lysates.
9. It can form a vacuum system with Roots pump to obtain higher ultimate vacuum degree and increase pumping speed.
10. The inlet is equipped with a one-way globe valve to prevent gas backflow.
11. The air outlet is equipped with a standard silencer, no need for customers to buy another.
12. The unique nano-permeable alloy technology solves the problem that the traditional Teflon coating easily falls off and improves the corrosion resistance and reliability of the pump operation.
13. The air inlet is equipped with online purge device (optional), which can purge and clean the pump chamber when it is shut down.

Model Pumping speed (L/S) Ultimate pressure(Pa) Motor power(kW) Motor rotary speed(rpm) Inlet Diameter(mm) Outlet Diameter(mm) Cooling water consumption(L/min) Noise Level(dB)
LGB30 30 5 4 2900 40 30 6 72
LGB40 40 5 5.5 2900 40 30 6 72
LGB70 70 5 7.5 2900 80 40 6 76
LGB120 120 5 11 2900 80 40 8 78
LGB150 150 5 15 2900 100 50 10 78
LGB200 200 5 22 2900 100 65 15 82
LGB300 300 5 30 2900 125 80 20 81
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