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Steam Screw Expanders

Steam Screw Expanders

Xinran screw expander is a positive displacement expander. Commonly known as the screw expansion machine refers to the twin screw expansion machine, the nature of the screw expansion machine is specifically for the expansion of gas development and optimization. Is mainly composed of a pair of intermesh of screw rotor and chassis, to clearance between rotor and rotor, the rotor and the casing seal, form a work cavity volume can change continuously, contains quantity of heat of gas laser cavity adiabatic expansion into work, drive the rotor rotating power, expanding power at the same time, pressure and temperature of the working medium is reduced, to achieve thermal power conversion. The intake of screw expander can be saturated steam or even liquid steam. The relative motion between the screws can limit scaling, and scaling can also reduce the clearance and improve the efficiency. Screw expander has a wide range of variable working conditions, even in low load will still have a high efficiency.

At present, Xinlan's screw expansion generator sets have been widely used in steel industry waste heat power generation, industrial surplus pressure power generation, geothermal power generation and bioenergy power generation. The projects are mainly distributed in steel, petrochemical, plastic, chemical fiber, geothermal, biomass and other industries. Xinran's high-end screw expansion power generation system is running efficiently and stably.

● No oil system, no complex and expensive oil separator;
● Small volume, low noise;
● A wide range of heat sources;
● Strong adaptability under different working conditions;
● Using the latest SRM line technology, higher mechanical efficiency;
● Excellent tightness, low failure rate;
● Network safety and reliable;
● Compact equipment, less floor space, less engineering construction;
● Low maintenance cost, easy to operate;
● Stable performance, high heat recovery;
● Remote control, unattended.

Xinran screw expander is a positive displacement expander
Steam Screw Expanders
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