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Nitrogen Gas Purifier

  • Nitrogen Gas Purifier
  • Nitrogen Gas Purifier

JingBian pressure swing adsorption (PSA) or membrane system of the crude nitrogen gas mixes with a small amount of hydrogen, in reactor filled with metal palladium deoxidizing catalyst residual oxygen react with hydrogen to form water vapor, and then make the most of the water vapor condensation cooler after a down, and after efficient water separator to remove condensate, again into the adsorption type dryer can make the product gas dew point reached - below 70 ℃, the product gas purity through continuous online monitoring analyzer. 
Hydrofining nitrogen unit consists of mixer, catalytic reactor, aftercooler, cyclone separator, filter or adsorption dryer, oxygen analyzer, flow meter and product nitrogen buffer tank.

This kind of hydrogenation purification system with deoxidizing catalyst is especially suitable for industries that are not sensitive to hydrogen, and the process is especially suitable for heat treatment, powder metallurgy, copper smelting, steel deep processing, bearing, chemical industry, electronics, glass, metal materials, magnetic materials and other industries.

• Nitrogen production: 10~3000Nm3/h
• Purity of nitrogen: 99.9995%
• Nitrogen content: 1000ppm~5% (adjustable)
• Pressure drop: 0.1mpa
• oxygen content: ≤5ppm

· High efficiency catalyst, advanced technology and stable performance
· Deoxidation can be carried out at room temperature without heating, saving energy consumption
· Wide range of pronitrogen requirements, pronitrogen can be selected in the range of 98~99.9%
· According to the working conditions, an automatic nitrogen-hydrogen mixing device is set in the hydrogenation purification device, which can automatically calculate and control the amount of hydrogen added according to the amount of nitrogen flow and purity. It is fully automatic, with sensitive reaction, small hysteresis and high adjustment accuracy
· Nitrogen and hydrogen mixing is completed in a static mixer with good mixing effect and low hydrogen consumption

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