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Centrifugal Compressor

Centrifugal Compressor

The air pressure in the centrifugal compressor is increased with the help of the rotation of impeller and the diffusion of diffuser. According to the exhaust pressure, the centrifugal compressors can be divided into the following three types:
Centrifugal fan: wind pressure lower than 15kPa
Centrifugal blower: wind pressure between 15~350kPa
Centrifugal compressor: wind pressure higher than 350kPa

The output flow rate of the centrifugal compressors produced by Xinran ranges from 720 to 51000m3/h, while the output power varies from 75KW to 6350KW. The centrifugal compressors can be divided into 3 types according to the size: large, medium, small centrifugal compressors. The flow of large centrifugal compressor is over 12600 m3/h, the flow of medium centrifugal compressor is between 6000 ~11800 m3/h, and for small centrifugal compressor, the flow is 7200 ~ 5000 m3/h. The rotation speed of Xinran centrifugal compressors is between 10000 ~70000 r/min. For the moment, Xinran’s large quantity orders are only available for large, medium and small oil-free centrifugal compressors with air flow ranging from 600 to 1180 m3/h and pressure from 0.6 to 1.40 Mpa.

Xinran centrifugal compressors have a wide range of applications. Compared to ordinary piston compressors and screw compressors, Xinran compressors mainly have the following advantages:
1. Large air volume, simple and compact structure, light weight, small size and small space.
2. Good running balance, reliable operation, high running rate, few friction parts, few spare parts, low maintenance costs and few operators needed.
3. In the chemical process, Xinran centrifugal compressor can realize an oil-free compression process.
4. As a machine that dose rotary motion, Xinran centrifugal compressor is suitable for being dragged by industrial steam turbine or gas turbine. In large chemical factory, by-product steam are usually used for driving industrial turbine, which provides the possibility of comprehensive utilization of energy.

Xinran centrifugal compressors also have some disadvantages:
1. Our centrifugal compressors are not applicable to low gas volume and high pressure ratio.
2. Due to the small stable area, Xinran compressors are not economical, although the gas volume is easy to regulate.

Xinran has designed and developed a series of high performance centrifugal compressors of medium and high pressure for oil, chemical fertilizer, textile, steel industries and power plants. Meanwhile, Xinran attaches great importance to the technology introduction to enhance its R&D, design and manufacturing abilities.
We believe that Xinran centrifugal compressors will be widely used in plastic, fiber, rubber, textile, steel, power plants, mines, coal and other industries. During the production of any basic raw materials, centrifugal compressor always plays an important role. So the quality and development of centrifugal compressor directly affects and determines the industry development of a country.

Inheriting cutting-edge technology in aviation and industrial engines that has been accumulated for decades, Xinran is able to provide outstanding centrifugal compressors. Our centrifugal compressors are characterized by easy operation, high efficiency, good maintainability, simple and perfect parts and human-friendly control interface.

Xinran – Guide of Technological Development

High Efficiency
With aerodynamic design, standard guide vanes, intercooler, backward inclined impellers, the compressor still maintains high efficiency when running in partial load, and minimizes the times of loading and unloading. The finned heat exchanger has a high cooling efficiency with low pressure loss. The water flows in pipes, while gas flows in the shell to reduce the maintenance cost.

Good Maintainability
The horizontal gear box facilitates the maintenance of bearings, gears, sealing element and the rotor. The cooling water flows in pipes to shorten the downtime to a minimum. When overhauling, there is no need to dismantle the pipeline. The screw tail cone pin enables convenient assembly and replacement. The intercooler is easy to clean, inspect and maintain.

Simple and Perfect Parts
The bearing runs stably in high speed. It should be aligned to ensure excellent anti-vibration and cooling effects. The using of gas seal, oil seal and other seals significantly reduces production and maintenance costs.

User-friendly Control Interface
The automatic control system achieves safe and trouble free operation, surveillance and linkage control of multiple machines. With self-diagnostic function, the control system has a swift response to self-inspection. The large touch screen enables easy monitoring and simple maintenance.

Centrifugal compressor designed by Shanghai Xinran Compressor Co., Ltd. is driven by motor to meet the technological requirements of customers. It can provide 100% oil-free compressed air.

Operating Principle of Centrifugal Compressor
The air enters into the compressor through the regulating valve on the inlet. The impellers rotate in high speed to accelerate the air. Then the air enters into the diffuser, meanwhile the velocity is converted into pressure and heat. Finally, the air enters into the air cooler.
Such a process is repeated until the required pressure is reached.

The compressor unit includes: air system, lubricating system, drive system, control system equipment and other optional devices.
The air system mainly includes: the nose section and accessories.

Technical Data
Unit Data
Media - Air
Model - XR-5300
Grade - 3
Inlet Pressure (bar A) 0.993
Inlet temperature 35
Outlet pressure (bar G) 8.5
Outlet temperature 40
Flow m³/h 5260
Shaft power kw 499.5
Dimension mm 3300*2000*2380
Weight kg 8500
Motor Data
Outlet shaft power kw 499.5
RPH rpm 2960
Voltage V 10000
Grade - 2
Protection grade - IP23
Service factor - 1.0
Insulation grade - B
Temperature increase grade - F
Cooling - AIr
Average pressure (bar A) 1.013
Average temperature 35
Average humidity % 80
Condition of water cooling
Water inlet temperature 32
Water outlet temperature 42
water temperature return 10
Scaling factor ㎡K/W 0.00034
Water cooling volume T/h 62
Power condition
Voltage (V) Phase (P) Frequency(Hz)
Main motor power 10000 3 50
APP 380 3 50
Control power 380 3 50
Technical Data
Grade Flow Pressure Media
Oil Free 1,2 1200 – 2400 m³/h 4 – 9 bar(a) Air/Nitrogen
Oil Free 1,2 2700 – 5400 m³/h 4 – 9 bar(a) Air/Nitrogen
Oil Free 1,2,3 2400 – 5400 m³/h 2 – 10 bar(a) Air/Nitrogen
Oil Free 1,2,3 4800 – 12600m³/h 2 – 16 bar(a) Air/Nitrogen
Oil Free 1,2,3 13200 – 21000m³/h 2 – 16 bar(a) Air/Nitrogen
Oil Free 1,2,3 23000 - 38000m³/h 2 – 16 bar(a) Air/Nitrogen
Oil Free 1,2,3 41000 - 56000m³/h 2 – 16 bar(a) Air/Nitrogen
Oil Free 1,2,3 65000 - 86000m³/h 2 – 16 bar(a) Air/Nitrogen
Oil Free 1,2,3,4 2400 – 5400 m³/h 2 – 40 bar(a) Air/Nitrogen
Oil Free 1,2,3, 4 4800 – 12600m³/h 2 – 40 bar(a) Air/Nitrogen
.... ....... ................ ............. ............
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