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Low Pressure Oil-free Screw Compressor

Low Pressure Oil-free Screw Compressor

This air compressor is a single-stage low-pressure oil-free screw compressor. The low-pressure compressed air is commonly an important factor in various production processes, such as dust and bulk transportation, fermentation, air separation, water treatment, material mixing, ventilation, drying and cooling processes. Xinran knows that the reliability of production process is the key concern of users. With this in mind, we offer low-pressure air compressor to assist customers in achieving process improvement of their low-pressure systems XRA (air-cooled)/XRW (water-cooled).

1. Oil-free air screw element
2. Special coating is applied to the rotor elements
3. Including all parts, air silencer, built-in starter, soundproof cover (standard type), pre-installed distribution box, one-way valve, IP 55 waterproof/dustproof motor, shock-absorbing outlet

Model: XRD110A, XRD220A, XRD330A, XRD440A, XRD550A, XRD660A
Air volume (m3/min): 11.5-19.3, 14.0-26.7, 23.5-47.5, 45.5-81.0, 69.0-135.0, 80.0-178.4
Pressure (bar): 3.5-2.0, 3.5-2.0, 3.5-2.0, 3.5-2.0, 3.5-2.0, 3.5-2.0
Pressure ratio: ≤4.74, ≤4.76, ≤4.76, ≤4.71, ≤4.75, ≤4.72

Single-stage low-pressure oil-free screw compressor is suitable for transportation and compression of industrial gases such as nitrogen gas, acetylene, butadiene, chlorine, hydrogen, limestone kiln gas, coke oven gas, coal gas, methane, propane, and sulfide gas.

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