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Skid Mounted Screw Air Compressor

Skid Mounted Screw Air Compressor

Configuration of Skid Mounted Screw Air Compressor
Self-designed cooling system
1. The high property plate-fin cooler provides our skid mounted screw air compressor with excellent cooling performance.
2. Maximum ambient temperature can be 52℃. (Conventionally, the motors should not keep working for long time when the surround temperature is higher than 46℃)

Inlet Air Filter System
1. A two-stage air filter system is available in our screw air compressor, which can keep the air compressor away from dust and other particles.
2. The damping monitor will remind you to replace the filter elements when it is necessary.

Safe Lifting Lug
The lifting lug is capable of single-point lifting and locking protection which avoids unauthorized moving.

Ice Chest Designed Outer Housing
Due to the ice chest for outer housing, our skid mounted screw air compressor can operate normally at a high temperature of 52℃

Air Inlet System
Stepless air inflow regulating system can regulate air inflow from 0 to 100%.

Safety Protection
Our skid mounted screw air compressors are designed with following protective functions
1. Protect the air compressor from over-high discharge temperature (higher than120℃)
2. Main motor overload protection
3. Fan motor overload protection
4. Wrong power supply phase sequence and open-phase protection
5. Oil filter blocked alarming

Electric Cabinet
1. High performances, large capacity contactors make our screw air compressor work properly even with unstable voltage in open air.
2. Water proof design of the cabinet
3. Large inner space provides electrical elements with good heat dissipation

Power Box
Waterproof power box enables our screw compressor to work reliably. The wire is connected from the bottom of the power box, which facilitates wire connection and protects operators around.

Repair and Maintenance
Designed with front and back gates, our skid mounted screw air compressor is convenient for repair and maintenance.

Skid Mounted Screw Air Compressor for Plateau (Under 4.5km)
1. Equipped with standard automatic air exhaust louver boards and the special soundproof baffles ensure the lowest operation noise.
2. High intensity aluminium ribbed radiator, and special cooling design make sure our screw air compressor keep in an optimum cooling state. There are water-gun at both sides of the air compressor for daily cleaning.
3. This kind of screw air compressor is equipped with two heavy duty fuel preliminary devices which attached with water separators and fine filters, which can protect the oil-injection system of the engine from damaging by low grade fuel.
4. The engine crankcase breather of our air compressor is provided with a filter device, thus absorbing discharged harmful gases. This makes our skid mounted air compressor environmentally friendly and also prolongs the service life of lubricant and shaft seal.
5. Our screw air compressor is designed with triplex air intake filtration system which is composed of centrifugation system, high efficient filtering layer and safe filter element. This air intake filtration system can prevent engine damages in dusty environment. Meanwhile, separated air intake passage ensures continuous heavy duty running in high temperature.
6. Three big volume screw lubricated filter elements ensure the safe lubrication. Besides, on the basis of traditional thermostatic valve, electronical oil temperature control system OILTRONIX is equipped to prolong the life span of main engine.
7. Our skid mounted screw air compressor is equipped with optional inbuilt after cooler and precise filter, together with adjustable triple valves, thus satisfying your requirements on outlet air temperature and quality.
8. Outlet pressure gauge, fuel tank gauge and English control panel are installed to facilitate your work.
9. Best screw air end to meet your requirement for stable and high-efficient air compression.
10. The air outlet is provided with stainless steel slide valve. Compared with the traditional ball valve, the slide valve is safer, more stable and has higher efficiency, and is more adaptable to the requirement of large capacity and high pressure conditions.
11. Waste liquor such as screw lubricant, engine oil, and engine coolant and air tank condensed water, etc. are integrally drained by external connected pipes. So our air compressor is environmental friendly and easy to maintain.
12. Pressure regulating valve can adjust to any pressure in the range. Optional double pressure shift system can set two normal working pressures via two pressure regulating valve systems. New types air compressors are equipped with electronical pressure adjustable system to regulate pressure in 21-35bar, 33.9-40.4m3/min.
13. ASME air tank with high-efficient oil separator element ensures the minimum oil remain in discharged air. The replaced volume of the lubricant is small which reduces cost for the customers.
14. Heavy duty industrial start battery jar is equipped with protected pedal and electrical switch.
15. Optional forklift slot at the bottom which is easy for transportation.
16. 975L big volume fuel tanks are equipped on both sides of the skid mounted screw air compressor to ensure long time full load running. 1550L fuel tank is optional for installation.
17. High-strength rubber twisted bar shockproof base plate provides our screw air compressor with safe and stable running.
18. Foldable mop is designed with safety chain and manual brake to ensure safe operation.
19. Double-face galvanized cold-rolled plate and dry powder baking varnish painting craft ensure the capability of weather-proof and etch-proof.
20. Designed with fuel tank lock, it is safe and easy for adding oil.
21. This skid mounted screw compressor is equipped with a heavy duty industrial engine: 429KW continuous full load A working condition. The engine is adaptable to severe environments.
22. Lockable sound-proof gates make our air compressor easy for maintenance.

We are a major manufacturer of skid mounted screw air compressors in China. We specialize in producing all kinds of air compression machines, such as screw air compressors, oil free air compressors, piston air compressors, and centrifugal air compressors and etc. As our continuous efforts and annual experience in producing superior air compression machines, our products are awarded with the CE and TUV certificates. Till now, these products have been exported to more than 120 countries and regions world wide, including the USA, Canada, Russia, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, South Korea, and Japan, and Saudi Arabia, etc.
Thanks for your visit of our website. For more detailed information or for inquiry and order purposes, please contact us at Shanghai Xinran Compressor Company.

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