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Low Pressure Screw Compressor

Low Pressure Screw Compressor

Specially designed for textile, cement and glass industries
When the air pressure ranges 0.2 to 0.5Mpa, conventional 0.7Mpa air compressor will cause a large amount of electricity consumption, but the low pressure screw air compressor with the same motor power can significantly increase the output of compressed air while saving power by 20 to 50%.
When a 0.7Mpa compressor is used, and the actual working pressure is 0.3Mpa, the screw air compressor first compress the air to 0.7Mpa and reduces the pressure to 0.3Mpa through reducing valve. In other words, the 0.3Mpa pressure is used to bear the power consumption caused by 0.7Mpa.

Demonstrated in terms of displacement
A screw air compressor of 132kW/0.7Mpa, the displacement is 24m3/min, while the displacement of a screw air compressor of 132kW/0.3Mpa is more than 37m3/min! Thus, the power consumption saved enables you to recover your investment within a year.

The internal compression ratio is automatically adjusted according to the actual working pressure, and the optimal power (energy efficiency) can be maintained within the displacement pressure range of 0.2-0.5Mpa. The forced lubrication of the oil pump ensures that there is sufficient fuel injection and a suitable air-oil mixing ratio under low pressure. Xinran low pressure screw compressor can help users reduce energy consumption by nearly 18%. We are one of the few manufacturers that can produce low-pressure screw air compressors.

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